Why Us?

If you or someone close to you has struggled with chronic pain then you understand how complicated and challenging solving the problem can be. With new techniques, treatments, and tests coming out every year whether it be through a medical doctor or an alternative healthcare practitioner the number of options for you is almost limitless. You might try physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, surgery or any of the many options to manage or treat your pain. It is our belief that it is not the tool being used but the level of understanding of the person holding the tool that makes the difference between lasting relief and learning to live with your pain. We have dedicated ourselves to attaining a deeper level of understanding of WHY you are suffering. For us it's not enough to know that your back hurts, but WHY does it hurt? What movements make it better or worse? What can we do to influence it? To us it isn't just back pain, to us it's a mystery and we want to help you solve it.

Need more convincing? We offer a 100% money back guarantee that we will treat you with exceptional quality service. Most people experience significant relief in only 6 appointments in-fact we won't recommend continuing services if you haven't felt a noticeable improvement within that time frame.

Still not convinced? Listen to what others have said about us.


5_stars.png 5 out of 5 stars

Late last fall I was ready to have Rotator surgery done on my left shoulder. My range of motion was very limited and sleeping was very uncomfortable. I had selected a surgeon and had X-Rays and a MRI scan done in preparation for the surgery. I was not looking forward to 4 months of rehabilitation in hopes of good results. A few weeks before the surgery I had received a introductory letter from David in which he had hoped to make contacts within the equestrian industry. I own and operate a horse boarding facility. I responded to his letter to learn more and hopefully provide contacts for David that might be in need of his specialty. While at the office I mentioned my shoulder issue. He offered to take a look and gave me a complimentary treatment. I was so impressed with the improvement to my shoulder I scheduled more sessions. Within a couple of sessions I had regained my range of motion, had minimized pain to the shoulder and started sleeping better. Needless to say I opted out of the surgery for the time being. My strength is gradually returning to the left shoulder and I could not be happier with my results.

5_stars.png 5 out of 5 stars

On June 8, 2013, I fell onto my left shoulder and broke my collar bone in three places. On June 10th I had surgery where they put three screws and a plate in the shoulder. On June 12th I began physical therapy going two times per week for approx one hour per visit until October 10th when I had surgery to remove all hardware from my shoulder and continued my therapy immediately after surgery. My ROM was mealy nothing. I had pain in the shoulder throughout the entire 5 months of therapy and I had acquired frozen shoulder. I was referred to David by my massage therapist, to see if he could help. Within two - one hour sessions, I had a ROM of nearly 75%. I decided to stop physical therapy and continue my treatment with PNMT The pain in my shoulder had subsided to just slight tightness and as of today, January 31, 2014, I have nearly 100% ROM. David has begun to work on my back problems to see if he can help with that as well. I fully trust David and his knowledge of PNMT and I recommend him to all I know with nerve and muscular issues.

5_stars.png 5 out of 5 stars

I have been dealing with recurrent lower back problems for years. I see my chiropractor when I need an adjustment but on a weekly basis I am in pain most mornings & several times a week. I had just gotten used to dealing with it. I have over the years gotten massages and they feel good but only help short term. I found David through a coupon sent for Precision Neuromuscular Therapy. I didn't exactly know what that was but thought I would give it a try. I had one initial appointment and then set up for 4 in a row (1 per week) to see what he could do to help me. I must say that I have had amazing progress with the therapy. I am no longer in pain (which surprises me). I can actually do a sit up now without leaning over to the side to push myself up with my hands. I have not been able to do a sit up for years without experiencing pain. I love that when he is working on me he finds places that are tight & that hold my back in a position that is causing the problem. I am always surprised that he can find those tight muscles or ligaments that I didn't even know were tight until he puts pressure on them. I would definitely recommend that anyone experiencing an ongoing problem give PNMT a try. If he can't help you he will tell you. Within four sessions I noticed a marked difference!

5_stars.png 5 out of 5 stars

So I have an interesting back story. I've had severe back pain off and on for over a decade. I've only been seen by military doctors, and I never even had an MRI until a year ago - - all of those doctors (7 total) just prescribed me Motrin and told me that back pain is normal. I even had one Dr. tell me that I had back pain because we evolved from monkeys and our bodies are designed to walk upright - - he told me that before even looking at my records or any x-rays! I finally got a good Dr., but eventually got referred to physical therapy. The first therapist I saw (also military) wrote me off before even assessing my back - - he told me that most people have back pain and my case was nothing special. I finally decided to come out of pocket and find someone who actually cared and knew what they were doing. That's when I found Dave. He spent a lot of time on assessment and analyzing all my different symptoms before ever trying to tell me what was wrong. His diagnosis (prognosis?) was actually opposite of what every therapist or Dr. had previously told me, and in fact, some of the stretching and other movements I had been prescribed were actually doing more harm and making it worse. Dave did his precision massage thing the first 2 times I saw him before ever doing proper stretching. Once he started working on my flexibility it was like being a kid again - - more flexibility than I have had in many years! I really like that Dave tries to FIX the problem rather than trying to get a patient who relies on him forever. It shows his integrity and commitment to healing rather than just treatment.

P.H - 10/27/2015
5_stars.png 5 out of 5 stars

I have always gone to a chiropractor for my structural needs. However, my chiropractor was not able to help my hurting knee and my shoulder which hurt upon rotation. For the first time in my life, I went to a massage therapist...David. The massage felt wonderful but the key was the exercises he gave me to do in between appointments. I was so impressed how David continues to do research on those he works on to make sure he knows everything he needs to know and do for each one. If something else comes up, I will be going back to David.

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