Targeted relief from Hip pain

Pain and discomfort in the hip can affect your whole life. We use our hips to balance ourselves when walking, standing, and going up and down stairs; when we lose that balance we can become more prone to knee, ankle, and low back pain. Hip pain often flares up the most when doing the things during the day that greatly benefit our overall health such as exercising and sleeping which may greatly affect our overall stress level and energy for work throughout the day.

Hip pain can come from many sources such as trigger points, muscle spasms, underlying nerve irritation, arthritis, bursitis and more. Luckily for you many of these often overlap and affect each other allowing us to address your pain from many different angles.

Walk me through a session:

During your initial consultation we will ask you a few questions about your symptoms to better understand the specifics of your issues. In the case of hip pain we may want to know if you can remember when it first flared up, or what activities make it better or worse. We will also take a look at your hip range of motion (how easily you can move) and your balance when standing on one leg at a time.

Once we have determined our course of therapy we use very specific and highly targeted hands on therapies including massage, neuromuscular therapy, active release therapies, movement therapies and others to help you find relief.